Security guards are usually privately and officially employed persons who definitely are paid to guard properties, or people. Oftentimes, these security officers wear uniforms and protect property or people by maintaining high visibility to discourage illegal and improper deeds. They observe (through patrols or by watching video cameras) for warning signs of crime, fire or disorder. If such situations occur, they do something and report these incidents on their client, in addition to, when necessary. In earlier years, watchman or night watchman was typically the most popular term for security officers until it was actually replaced.

There are various kinds of security services that guards provide

Personal security, which is often called a personal protection officer or bodyguard, as his main problem is the bodily safety of the individual he is employed by. He shadows the activities of his employer, always watching out for signs of danger.

Corporate security, which protects the patient and also protects property.

Private security which can be handled by way of a private employer, for instance a private business or organization.

Government security or those who serves to safeguard government properties along with the safety of most citizens in the area.

Static security which always stays in one area or post throughout his shift.

Mobile security the complete opposite of the static guard as he always walks, rides a horse or drives a motorized vehicle around his area and inspects it for potential security threats.

Security officers offer a number of services, either to an establishment or someone. They can serve as store detectives, as well as stop and search guards. They can also maintain CCTVs. They may serve as bodyguards to important people. There are a lot more services depending on what training they already have undergone or whether or not they are armed security guards or unarmed ones.

Federal labor laws cover private security firms which provide guards for private corporations, as well as guards within the public sector. The Federal Labor Standards Act 34devtpky the essential law for security guards. This law covers security guards whose employer earns a lot more than $500,000 annually. In addition to FLSA, states may also create laws of their own, to protect the welfare of security guards in the community. The FLSA covers minimum wage and overtime pay, hours worked and security guard posts and also security uniforms.

The security guards Houston TX offers terrific career potential. The requirement for security is rising. The prospects for employment in this particular field are excellent. Employers often train new hires so there may be limited set up expenses associated with this career. Formal college degree is not required. Employers often buy training, uniforms, weapons and all sorts of licensing. Purchase a guard is moderate and steady and quite often includes paid time off, holiday pay, and health insurance. You can get stable employment, are employed in a respective environment and earn a significant living by learning to be a security guard.